The Monster

Artwork by Robert Hogarth
Written Response by Carlie Stanley

Sala Grotesque Submission - Robert HogarthThe night is silent except for the crackling of the fire and the voices of children. He watches from the safety of the woods, big fat trees shielding him from their view. He can hear them clearly as their voices float through the air.

“The monster is so strong that even the bears are scared of him. His white fangs are like a vampires and the blood drips from them as he eats whatever he can kill” the oldest looking boy declared loudly for all the children sitting around the campfire to hear.
“No” protested a younger, smaller looking boy with red hair, “he couldn’t beat a bear”.
“Of course he can” said the oldest boy, “why do you never see bears around here?”
“It is true” said a girl, the leader of the camp, ”we haven’t seen a bear around here in years”.
A little girl with pigtails jumped up. “Yum, yum, yum” she said as she stomped around the fire, pretending to eat the other children. They all screamed and laughed.
“He is the ugliest monster we have ever seen” announced another boy.
“Yes” the leader agreed, “he is truly grotesque!”

The monster sadly moves away from his place in the woods and heads towards the hidden cave. He is too ugly on the outside for the human world.

He knows he is a monster, he thinks, his red eyes glowing as he walks. And yet he can not live in the monster world.

He hears the laughter coming from the cave. It is loud, ugly and mocking.

“He killed another bear last night and then roared so the children ran away” laughed one of the monsters in a mocking tone.
“That could have been our dinner” groaned a monster, sadly.
“And he calls himself a monster” cried another, disgusted.
The leader spoke, commanding the group’s attention. “He may look like us but the only thing that is really disgusting about him is the amount of love he has for humans in his heart”.
The monsters murmured in agreement before one of them announced “that heart is truly grotesque!”

The monster turns away. He is too beautiful on the inside for the monster world.

He is caught between the human world and the monster world.

Therefore, he shall always be alone.


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