The Eye That Never Was

Artwork and Words by Jamahl Pollard

Minds Eye pgBehind the eye was another eye that chose for what ever reason decided not to become alive.
An eye was made to cover what never became so society wouldn’t be afraid.
So rare that is was medical science could not find a cure or the right body to blame. “You’ll need to carry on with the little you have left and to make the best of it,” was the advice provided by the experts.
My parents pushed me hard to become a man the independent, dependable and reliant man to escape society’s stigmas.
There came a chance to branch out to walk brave in this new world when my heart was coated in love.
As in all relationships love is tested time and time again to see if it will withstand the storms often encountered in life.
Unfortunately the vacant eye behind requires cleaning and so I was discovered performing this act.
With a quick hand she had the shielding eye and dashed off to present it as a game to others close by. Curiosity overcame here and she had to se the eye that never was and to her horror she explained that it was gross. Things became difficult from that time forward and I think you can figure out the rest.
For some people the truth and facts about living with an affliction can be viewed as grotesque.


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