The Beach

No Artwork
Written by Theresa Ann

I woke up and everything felt quiet and clam. I opened my eyes; the sky was distance blue and calming with a few clouds now then gliding past my vision without me noticing they are slipping away.
I sat up and watched the clear beautiful waves coming in ever so gently with a whisper of a sound. I watched while my breathing was easy ……slow and clearly. I cannot think of anything except to enjoy the ecstasy the sense of freedom.
I slowly turned by head whilst in my serenity and noticed a small hill with small sandy rocks. I felt drawn to the exquisite hill, with the slight breeze in my face and hair floating; I started to stroll towards it. The rocks were hard on my feet; I did not feel any pain of roughest of the rocks; I was peacefully adventurous.
I absorbed that breath of accomplished at the top of the rocky hill. My breathing was slow and listened to nothing but silence as I watched the beauty in my eyes.
Time had no essence.
There is a cave, the seawater seems desperate to go in. I felt no sadness or happiness; everything was still while slowly moving.
I wandered towards the cave. On the entrance of the cave I felt the greenish rock on the side of the cave, the water dripping over my hands, it felt cool and slugging. I felt tranquility whilst moving in the cave.
There was a person beyond in a rocking chair; I listened to the rocking; it kept a continuously one beat. Inquisitive, I move very so slowly toward this strange vision. I am becoming closer know, I see an old woman; pale, tired looking with soft wrinkles on her face and arms. She is scaring at the water without any expression. She looks lost, lonely and numb. I wanted to yell out “hello” but I could not get my mouth to open to say it. I am now creeping towards her, I am getting closer and closer, the old woman in the chair does not acknowledge my presence
I am much closer to her now; I leaned forward towards her face.
Instantly I got a fright and jumped instantly I screamed out in horror, louder than I never than before.
It was me.


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