Our JUNE CHALLENGE is science fiction or steampunk genre, with the subject “Drug troubles”. Let’s make this interesting: write your story of 1000-2000 words, then write a precis distilled down to 60 words maximum.
For those who are unfamiliar with steampunk, it has several sub-genres, but the main genre is if you amine life today with the technology of Victorian England – so imagine cars that are steam engine horses or computers that are driven by mechanical gears.
The theme “Drug troubles” is meant to stimulate your imagination:
  • Is this a world where drugs are mined, such as “Dune” series?
  • Is it “Better than life” such as in Red Dwarf?
  • Is it Valerion such as in some steam punk books
Who is in trouble? You, a friend, your boss, the business or the community as a whole? What is the trouble and what impact does it have on your main character? How is it resolved.
Your challenge ends 30th June.
Ready, set… go!

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