Hello all,
I apologise for the protracted silence – I have been making wine (as you do at this time of year).
This is the FINAL CALL OUT for interest in participating in the SALA WordArt project this year.
The theme for this year’s project is UNRAVELLED.
“Unravel (n): decipher, resolve, undo, solve, untangle, disengage, disentangle, extricate, faze, separate, unlace, unwind, untie.”
It’s not too late to join – but I do need to register you for SALA by the end of April. All participants, please email me your phone number as well as your email address, as I will need this for co-ordination purposes.
This year, writers will be submitting first. Writers, your piece should be submitted as DOCX (Word or Pages) file by 31st May. Your piece may be in any form (poetry, prose, experimental, etc) up to 1500 words. This limit is strict due to the ability to display the written word.
Artists, you will be randomly assigned to a writer.
Ready, Pens… GO!

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