How is your February challenge shaping up?

So, one week to go! How are your words flowing?

Personally, I’ve written over 5000 words in the first draft. I’ve been trying to create tension between events and the attitudes of my protagonists. I’ve tried not to put too much into detail of day to day life – I have neither the background knowledge nor the time to research. Instead, I have chosen the traits that make us human, and tried to write a story based on the understanding of the world in the past.

My next job is to trim, edit and re-write – this will be the hardest part as we are right in the thick of vintage at the moment! So I refer back to my previous post about making every word work hard. I’m trying to convey realistic personalities of complex characters, which makes it a challenge if I’m going to trim the words down.

I’m also going to use the editorial process to shape the story. In times past, the change from night to day and night again limited the activities of humans, and so my story will be paced to match this. I’m aiming for a gradual rise in the tension and drama, punctuated by the night. My peak tension is within the last 600 words, with the final 300 words about the purpose of my story – what it is that being human is all about.

Let’s see if I pull it off!

One final word: I need to change the format in which manuscripts are submitted. They should be TXT or DOCX files. Please email them to I am in the process of organising an editorial panel to review and polish the final submitted works. I hope to be able to reveal this to you shortly.

Any questions? Drop us a line.



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