Short Story Challenge 2016

The short story challenge is designed to challenge your creative skills by asking you to write in unfamiliar genres and on set themes.

Each piece should be 800-3000 words in length. Submit them to as unformatted text (and RTF file) for inclusion in the booklet and website for publication.

February – Genre: historic, Theme: Into the dark
March – Genre: Australian, Theme: Childhood summer
April – Genre: Romance, Theme: My parents said no
May: – Horror/vampire, more than one way to die
June – Science fiction/steampunk, Drug troubles
July – Children’s fiction, the year i broke my teacher
August – Family, My Aunty’s skeleton in the closet
September – Crime, Vague footprints
October – Poetry (up to 150 lines), the song of the sky
November – Experimental, open theme (up to 5000 words)

I will try and collate them into a magazine or book for distribution on iBooks and Kindle. Please submit any photos, graphics, artwork etc at the same time. Make sure you are the owner of the visuals so no copyright is breached.

Please contact me on the above email address or 0408 855 272 if you have any questions.