2016 Activities

The Riverland Creative Writing Group is changing format for 2016. Instead of meeting weekly at the River Lands Gallery, we will be conducting collaborative projects on-line, with some meetings as required to keep the projects moving along.

2016 Projects

Short story challenge.

Each month there will be a story challenge. The genre and theme will change from month to month.

Aim: to write a short, publishable story in a set genre, of approximately 800-3000 words length. This exercise is designed to challenge you to write in unfamiliar styles.

WordArt Exhibition

This is a collaborative project between the writers and artists of the Riverland. You must register your interest to participate.

Details can be found here.

NaNoWriMo Challenge

This is a popular challenge worldwide, the aim being to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. This challenge teaches planning and self-discipline. The aim is to get as many words down in November as possible – it doesn’t have to be a final publishable draft!