Latest Update & Changes for 2015

The blog hasn’t been updated for a while now and I can see that there is a lot of old information on here – please do not follow the 2014 schedule as we are no longer following that (it will hopefully be removed soon by someone with the access to do so). While we have seen some members leave the group due to relocation we are always willing to have new people come along and join us.

The most important change is that we are now meeting on Tuesday nights, 7PM – 9PM at the River Lands Gallery in Berri. This is still the same location but the day has changed. We have been trialling this since April and will see how it goes.

Daniel from ABC Open has been running a workshop, usually once a month (dates change regularly) and it usually ties in with the writing projects being run by ABC Open. In other weeks we have writing exercises, sharing nights or free time to work on your own projects. We also hope to run the Word Art Exhibition again later this year and are in the early stages of organising this.

Please follow our Facebook page for all the latest updates and changes:

Happy Writing.

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