Word Blurts

One of the many word blurts as done in our sessions to get the creative juices flowing. This one is by Jenny Semmler. This where we pick out five words at random and then create a story that has to use them. For this one we chose the following:


The company crouched into the landscape overlooking the narrow pass. The stark sky burned with fire that scorched the rocky outcrops and crags, pitilessly scorching any living thing. The corporal waved his hand, silencing his men as if he were pushing them back into the bleak shadows of the ravine. Each man fancied that his breath echoed like thunder and his war drum heart could be heard by the enemy.

The day drew on, the shadows shifting with the travelling sun. The corporal fiddled anxiously with his binocular strap. A faint growl rose from the very sands of the ravine, like a million purring tigers.

A shadow of sand moved, the flicker of a shadow, like the blurring of an eye. The corporal alerted the men silently, holding his hand unmoving. The sound grew louder, and the ground swarmed with silent robed figures. The corporal did not hesitate: as soon as the last of the figures were within range, he dropped his hand, and the men stood, and rained down an ungodly wail of bagpipes. The enemy dropped their weapons and fled, hands over their ears, into the gathering desert storm.


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