The Weaver

By Grizz Ball

Kerry Servin did a wonderful portrait that she gave me for my birthday, that portrait inspired this bit of poetry that I wrote. Hope you like it Kerry!

Wrinkled face, full of character,
Lines showing a love of life.
Tangled hair, full of charms,
his eyes twinkling with a mischievous joy.

Silver skulls adorn his hand, so bent and crippled.
Ravaged by the pains of age,
But still capable of playing to adoring masses.
One of nature’s miracles, even God loves rock’n’roll guitar.

Mick up front working hard,
Singing and dancing, working the crowd.
Jumping Jack Flash for all to see,
Full of ego, me, me, me.

Keef and Ronnie, the world’s greatest weavers,
Weaving effortlessly the greatest rock’n’roll tapestries of all time
Seamlessly threading musical notes together
Creating musical classics of the greatest caliber

Keef and Charlie creating the rhythm
Charlie so casual, so cool master of the sticks.
Keef sounding so unmistakably Keef,
The riff master, the greatest, Mr. Rolling Stone himself
Keith Richards.

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